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Jeanne Fortune is the founder of Learn Haitian Creole / Aprann Kreyòl Ayisyen, a website that provides texts, games, and videos for those interested in learning Haitian Creole. She also co-founded Traditional Haitian Cuisine, a website that provides Haitian recipes. Jeanne has over 15 years of experience in accounting, working with Fortune 500 companies and government agencies. She was born and raised in Haiti. She enjoys reading, cooking, and traveling. She lives in America with her husband and children.

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mommy i need my wheels


Mommy, I Need My Wheels

Mommy, I Need My Wheels is a children’s picture book about learning to ride a bike like a big kid. Eddy wants to ride his bike, but the training wheels are gone! Daddy took them off so Eddy could learn to ride without them, but Eddy is used to riding with the training wheels, and he is upset. Who knew riding a bike could be so hard? When Eddy crashes his bike and falls off, he is ready to give up. Will Eddy ever ride his bike without the training wheels? Find out if riding the bike does get easier!



Mommy, I Need My Wheels

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Haitian Creole

Manman, Mwen Bezwen Wou Mwen Yo

Edi santi li pèdi san wou sipò l yo. Li pè li ka pa janm ka monte bisiklèt li a ankò. Koulye a, fòk li aprann monte bisiklèt san wou sipò oswa li riske pa janm monte bisiklèt li a ankò. Ki sa Edi pral fè?


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Mommy, I need my Wheels is a good read. The book is about a boy name Eddy who goes through a challenge and with the help of his parents, he finds a valuable solution. If you are looking for a children’s book that features an interracial family, look no further. This book affirms and empowers with a message that it is okay to be different and you are wonderful just the way you are. While the book does not focus on the race, it is highlighted in its illustration. All in all the book is for everyone, as its message is good for all children.

Jeanne Fortune’s Mommy, I Need My Wheels captures one of the most challenging progressions for a young child: from trike to bike with training wheels to biking on their own. The balance issue seems an impossible feat for most kids. Fortune’s book lets kids know they’re not the only ones who feel they need their wheels and that practicing with their parents’ help will soon have them up and riding with the big kids. I loved how Eddy’s mom calmly reassures him and gives him confidence through her own belief in him. Kids learn that practice, and not being afraid to fall and get up again, will soon have them happily free of the training wheels. A grand selection for storytime, the language used in this book makes it also ideal for new readers to try on their own. Mommy, I Need My Wheels is highly recommended.

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This lovely book follows the journey of a young boy named Eddy who finds himself lost after realizing his bicycle’s training wheels are missing. He fears he may never be able to ride his bike again. Eddy must make a decision to learn to ride without training wheels or risk never riding his bike again.

Family and Identity

What I loved most about this book is how it is so valuable in understanding the connection between family and identity as a jumping off point to confidence. The author of this #ownvoices has based the main character on her son. She adopted him from Haiti into their multiracial (Caucasian American /Haitian family. Since Eddy was darker than his siblings, her family are no strangers colorism. Furthermore, colorism can have devastating effects on a child’s self-worth.

This story has a relatable arc where we see Eddy riding a bike for the first time without training wheels. Readers will immediately identify with his uncertainty and wanting to keep security that the training wheels affords him. To begin the story, Eddy pleads with his parents to keep his training wheels. In turn, they lovingly challenge him to tackle the challenge of riding a bike without them.

Overcoming Obstacles

As the story continues, we see Eddy having to fall and get back up again. However, woven into the story are illustrations where children have the opportunity to see a multiracial family simply living their life together— Eddy’s family sitting down for dinner, his dad doing the dishes, his mom giving him a bath.

Eddy’s parents encourage him as he pedals, dust him off after a big fall, and finally, promise him treats when he masters the task. Readers will delight in seeing Eddy, not only face, but conquer his fears.

In the end, stories like this one with simple challenges are ideal for young readers mental health. This is especially true now when the world is full of uncertainty. Kids are facing school closures, sick family members, and not being able to socialize with friends due to COVID-19. Books can be instrumental in helping children overcome trauma.

I highly recommend MOMMY, I NEED MY WHEELS for your home or classroom library. (Available in English/Haitian Creole.)

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