" A grand selection for storytime, the language used in this book makes it also ideal for new readers to try on their own. Mommy, I Need My Wheels is highly recommended."

Jack Magnus

Readers' Favorites

"As the story continues, we see Eddy having to fall and get back up again. However, woven into the story are illustrations where children have the opportunity to see a multiracial family simply living their life together."

Bethany Edwards

Biracial Bookworms

"A solid, if occasionally uneven, cross-cultural coming-of-age tale."

Kirkus Reviews

"Filled with more psychological inspection than the usual immigrant story, Out of the Darkness transcends its roots to hold appeal for not just immigrants, but any woman who has struggled to disengage from abusive patterns in her life. "

Diane Donovan

Donovan's Literary Services (Midwest Book Review)

"This book affirms and empowers with a message that it is okay to be different and you are wonderful just the way you are." While the book does not focus on the race, it is highlighted in its illustration. All in all the book is for everyone, as its message is good for all children."


"Heartbreakingly poignant, Jeanne Fortune's novel perfectly encapsulates the struggles faced by first-generation immigrants in America as they embark on their journeys to achieve the American dream."

Pikasho Deka

Readers' Favorites

"Fortune's immigration tale works and it makes for a powerful coming-of-age story."

Vincent Dublado

Readers' Favorites

"Fortune has a talent for getting you inside Cynthia's life and mindset, causing you to feel as the character feels--so much so that you wonder how you would fare in such situations. For a satisfying read that would be perfect for classroom conversations or book club discussions, Out of the Darkness: A Novel by Jeanne Fortune is an outstanding title."

Tammy Ruggles

Readers' Favorites

"Reading this novel really opened up my eyes on the struggles that immigrants have and go through every day that I would naturally take for granted. When one bad thing happened in this book, I was expecting a solution or rather a good ending to go with it, but it was bad thing after bad thing after bad thing and that was the moment when I realized that not everything in life will have a happy ending but you, yourself, has to be the one to pull you out of that dark abyss and to look at life like a glass half full. This book was an eye-opener really and I would recommend this book to help others be more understanding and thus less ignorant of problems that so many people go through without "normal" folks even batting an eye."

Kelly Nguyen


"Out of the Darkness is a wonderful read filled with real life. Jeanne Fortune writes in a way that tugs at your heart and allows you to put yourself in the shoes of Cynthia.
This is a heartbreaking, endearing story that happens so often but is not often told. There is a lot of truth to this tale. The fortitude and survival Cynthia shows are beyond inspiring.
This is the first book in a very long time that I felt compelled to tell others about."

Kristi Schonefeld


“I was rooting for Cynthia to make it the minute I opened this book and began reading. Jean Fortune has written a wonder of a novel, full of strength and hope. I was on the edge of my seat as Cynthia overcame crisis after crisis on her journey towards wholeness. Out of the Darkness: A Novel is a ground-breaking tale that sheds light on the despair of depression and breathes hope into the emptiness.”

M.J. Fievre

author of A Sky the Color of Chaos

“In Out of the Darkness: A Novel, Jeanne Fortune tells the story of Cynthia Josaphat, a young teenaged Haitian girl who emigrates to the United States, and finds that the streets are not paved with gold after all. Through hardship and heartache, Cynthia somehow manages to prevail against a harrowing series of ordeals that would break the best of us. This is a poignant story, epic in scope, and universal in its appeal. I could not put it down until I knew how it all turned out in the end.”

Thomas B. Logan

Logan Masterworks